Another rigid frame for a 250 tire. All tubing has single bends with a splice in the center of the rear wishbones. Neck rake is 40 degrees (Note that the trees need to be raked to reduce trail to a more manageable amount. Our adjustable mock up forks ran out of length before any tree rake could be set). Backbone is 1.5 x .188 wall. All other tubing is 1.25 x .125 wall. It is about 34 from the bottom of the frame to the center of the steering neck. There is 4.25 of block under the frame right now and it would set level with 4.5 under the bottom. Mounts and dimensions are set to accept softail driveline parts. Shown with Evolution engine, cast softail primary and softail 5-speed transmission.













Rear wishbones come to a point behind the axle housings. Covers are aluminum held on with stainless flat head socket screws. Axle is 1 diameter with cup washers for socket head cap screws. There are stainless axle screws in front of the axle housings for axle adjustment.













Here is a stock dimension softail style frame in front of the rigid frame showing the changes in neck stretch and angle. The rigid frame is comparable to the softail frame in seat height, but with the raised axle height and a custom seat, this frame puts the rider much closer to the ground.











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