This frame started with the neck pretty much in a stock location but raked to 40 degrees. The down tube connections are moved to the bottom of the steering neck moving them forward and leaving more front engine clearance than a stock frame.  There is a 4” block under the frame but ride height would be correct if the front end were the correct length. The front end is a stock HD Softail hydraulic unit without the lower bearing installed to simulate tree rake. Raked trees and a few inches of extension are definitely needed here. The rear frame stanchions have the pivot in the stock location so typical Softail driveline and belts will fit but have been dropped 2.5” for a lower seat. The rear shocks have extensions to drop the rear of the frame that lowers the frame from stock height.  An old style sprung saddle could be put on this frame and still set much lower than stock. The swing arm itself is a stock item. There is a 21” HD wheel on the front and a 16”x140 HD rear wheel and tire.


MechWerks Softail Frame Mock-up


Here is more of a top angle. The seat wishbones are moved out to the width of the swingarm and will make a wider than stock seating area. Of course a stock seat, oil tank, and sheet metal is pretty much worthless for this frame…lots of custom work to do.  This frame screams for a wide rear tire.



This is a picture of the frame all by itself. The neck is 2” x 3/8” wall DOM tube set up for press in bearing cups. The backbone is 1-1/2” x.188” wall DOM. The rest of the frame tube is 1-1/4” x .125” DOM and 100% TIG welded. Stanchions are ½” plate. The front engine mount gussets have bosses set up to take stock or aftermarket Softail forward controls.



Her is a picture of the  rear end of the frame.



The rear motor mount area is heavily reinforced on both sides to take any pressure off of the seat post tube.



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