Axle plates for your custom frame! MechWerks has a wide line of axle plates. Stock versions are pictured and priced below. All plates are CNC plasma cut and provided unfinished and “as-cut” from the plasma. This condition leaves a slightly rough edge that must be sanded down and finished by the builder. Axle slots also need finishing. A mill does a good job on the slots but plates can be hand finished with a disc sander, die grinder or even a Dremel tool with sanding cylinders. As you look through the examples keep in mind that it is relatively easy to create a cutting pattern based on a drawing you provide. Email us at with a picture of your needs for a quote.



Axle Plates—CNC Plasma cut from 3/8” HR Steel plate, these axle plates are designed with a 24-degree top leg angle and 28-degree bottom leg angle for your typical low rigid frame. Axle slot is ¾” x 2” long but slightly undersize for finish with a file, die grinder or mill. As-cut by plasma, requires additional finishing

Part number CHAXPLT Price is: $40.00 a pair plus shipping.

Shipping weight 4#

Axle Plates— Similar to the plates above, these 3/8” plates simply have extra material in the front edge for different appearance or customizing. As-cut by plasma, requires additional finishing.

 Part number CHAXPLT2 Price is: $40.00 a pair plus shipping.

Shipping weight 4#

Axle Plates—Universal Axle plates. These 3/8” thick HRS plates have rounded tabs that allow flexibility in the angles of the legs that attach to them. The hump at the top of the plate forms a place for a hole for fender braces or sissy bars. As cut by plasma, requires additional finishing.

Part number UNIPLT Price is:

$40.00 a pair plus shipping

Shipping weight 4#

Axle Plates—Softail style axle plates for swingarm construction. These plates are cut from ½” HRS. Thick enough that the front edge can be drilled and threaded for a hidden axle adjuster screw. For typical 25-1/2 degree up and down leg angles.

Part Number STAXPLT Price is:

$45.00 a pair plus shipping

Shipping weight 5#

Axle Plates—Flame styled axle plates cut from 3/8” HRS. These plates have the rigid frame angles of 24 degrees up and 28 degrees down.  These plates will make your frame stand out is a crowd. A good example of what can be done with CNC plasma. MechWerks has the ability to make custom plates to your desires. Contact us for special needs.

Part number FLMPLT Price is:

$50.00 a pair plus shipping

Shipping weight 6#

Tube Caps—Just what you need to finish off the end of a 1-1/4” tube. Especially useful where axle plates fit into the frame. Click here for an article on using these caps.

Part Number TCAP Price is $2.00 each plus shipping.

Shipping weight 1/4#




Adjusters— Cut from ¾” cold rolled steel bar, these adjusters are 1” long and have an internal 3/8”-16 thread. Adjusters are welded ahead of axle slot. A long 3/8”-16 cap screw pushes against axle spacer to set axle adjustments. These can also be used for forward foot peg mounts and other frame mounts needing a 3/8” thread point.

Part number 753816BOSS Price is: $7.00 a pair plus shipping.

Shipping weight 1#



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