Here are the follow bar rollers for our hydraulic tube bender. Plans can be found here. We were not able to find a source for these rollers so we are making the ourselves and offering to our customers who purchase our bender drawings. Since most of the bender parts are common hardware store parts it is now easier to build your own tubing bender. Using two rollers with 5/8 through hole provides level follow bar support but increases die pressure until the tube bends several degrees limiting the bender to around 1.25 tubing. Using a single roller with through hole centered under the radius die reduces initial bending force allowing up to 2 tubing to be bent but requires separate support blocks under the follow bar. Rollers are 1.75 OD cold rolled steel 5-3/4 long, lathe squared and bored either 5/8 or . Use a pair of 5/8 bore rollers for 1.25 and smaller tube, a single roller when more power is needed, or get one of each roller and set the machine up to run as a double or single roller machine just by pulling bolts and swapping rollers as needed

Part number HBROLLER625 1.75 O.D. x 5-3/4 with 5/8 through hole, Price is $20.00 each plus $9.00 for shipping.

Part number HBROLLER75 1.75 O.D. x 5-3/4 with through hole. Price is $25.00 each plus $9.00 for shipping.

Please note: These rollers are shipped by USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate and we can combine several rollers in a flat rate box for a single $9.00 charge to save on shipping cost.





A Dial Angle Finder with a magnetic base is the next most important thing next to your bender and tape measure for bending tubing. It is pretty easy to bend tube with a good bender and an Angle Finder. The hard part is getting the tube turned to the right radial angle before bending subsequent bends. The angle finder sticks on the tube just fine along the length but will not stay put crosswise on the tube. The picture to the left is a super handy tool to set radial angles on your tube. Just clamp the tube in the vee and your angle finder now has a flat spot to stick to (actually two as the top and side can be used).

Part number ANGTOOL. Price is only $30.00 plus USPS Priority Mail shipping

for 2 pounds.










To the left is a picture of the angle clamp in action. Note how the tube fits in the vee of the block. A single screw secures the clamp to the tube and now the angle finder can stick to the flat giving accurate radial measure. After the first bend is done, put on the angle clamp and use the angle finder (note: angle finder is not included with ANGTOOL) to ensure the clamp is at the correct angle. Now, when you go to do your next bend, you know for sure the tube is rotated the correct amount before you bend.









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