Full Frame Kits are still in the works. Until then, here is a kit that will help make building a rigid frame a much easier project.


Bending up tube and making the basic shape of a frame is the easy part.  Fabricating all of the various mounts required to install the forks, rear axle, motor and transmission is the real challenge. Cutting Ό”, 3/8” and ½” plate can be a real challenge. If you have lots of time or access to good machinery and a pile of steel then making these parts is no problem. If you are limited to hand tools and the various thickness of needed steel a complete kit may be the way to go.

MechWerks is making available complete mount kits for HD style V-Twin mounts as below or individual parts can be found on the mounts page.


Here is what the kit looks like. The kit includes a steering neck, front engine mount kit, rear engine mount, front transmission mount, seat post crossbar, rear transmission mount and rear axle plates.

The steering neck is 2” 1026 DOM Steel tubing machined square with counter bores of 1.313” for press in bearing cups. Front motor mount is ½” steel with two Ό” support gussets and five Ύ”x1” long 3/8”-16 threaded bosses for forward control mounts. The rear engine mount and front transmission mounts are ½” steel. The center crossbar is 1”x2”x.125” wall rectangular steel tube cut to 12”. The rear transmission mount is ½” steel for the top and 3/8” for the crossbar. Axle plates are 3/8” steel for 24-degree top leg and 28-degree lower leg angles. All profile cut parts are CNC Plasma cut, supplied as-cut and will require additional finish work. Drawings will be included to show location and size of mount holes.

Purchasers of this kit assume all responsibility for installation and use of these parts. Experience, knowledge and skill are required with metal fabrication, welding and motor vehicle engineering to install these parts. Kit part number is RIGIDMOUNTKIT   Price is $189.00 plus $8.60 shipping via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate service. This is a custom fabricated kit, please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.


As Choppers and Custom Motorcycles are…well, “Custom”, these kits can also be customized. Check out other MechWerks parts. If you see something like a taper steering neck or different axle plates you would like instead, send a note to mechwerks@mechwerks.com for a quick quote.



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