What would an information site be without links! These sites are added as found or recommended. If you would like to see your site or another you feel should be included please send a note to mechwerks@mechwerks.com .  I will even list competitors, as MechWerks will hold our product next to anyone.



Forums – Places where you can find information and ask questions.

www.chopperweb.net  -- Super site for fabricator information from building frames to parts reviews. You can join for free. A small donation opens a premium area with plans and drawings. See you there.


Builder sites – Places where you can find information

www.chopperhandbook.com -- Premier fabrication website. Lots of old school information, free drawings, and critical dimensions. Highly recommended starting place to become a motorcycle fabricator. Don’t ask a bunch of dumb questions when you can read the knowledge.



Interesting sites—


Crime Scene Choppers -- Crime Scene Choppers is your source for "Radical Retro" parts. These parts are hand built in the USA to the highest possible quality standards. Watch this site…there is always something new coming out.


Custom Choppers By Otis –”At our shop you can have custom chopper frames built to your specs or we can build you a complete chopper as we are a certified manufacturer. With one of our chopper frame building jigs you can build your own frame for half the price. You can also have special parts made or machined, or order from our line of V-Twin parts.


DBBP-- is  by Mark "Duckman" van der Kwaak   from Leiden, the Netherlands. CAD Bikes, Tech-Tips…lots of cool ideas.


DIY Go Karts—There’s big toys and there are little toys…DIY plans and build ups of a mini chopper, old-school go kart, and some mini bikes.


Pro-Tools – “is the leading manufacturer of high quality tube and pipe bending equipment at affordable prices. We specialize in Tube and Pipe Benders, including a broad selection of hydraulic pipe benders.  We also carry a number of tube bead rollers designed for the most challenging projects. If you are looking for a selection of tube and pipe notchers we have just what you need right here. Take a look at all the options we give you in our sheet metal brake selection as well — we offer many more tools and accessories —“


VW Trike – Here is a site for you three wheel junkies…want to see an over 15’ trike? Well documented process from zero knowledge to show stopping trike with VW parts. Lots interesting information and even some parts breakdown drawings…worth checking out.


Wild Man Trikes – Another site for an individual trike build. V-8 powered! Well…it is Wild Man Trikes after all. Nice follow-the-build detailed pictures.








Product Links—


 Synthetic Lubricants for all of your vehicle needs. This is the link to the corporate website.

AMSOIL Online Store—Ready to buy? Here is the link.



MechWerks is a dealership for Merch Motorworkz engines and parts. Check out the Fatso 100ci and Fatso 114ci engines or the Hybrid 120ci and 125ci engines. Not enough? 131ci and 140ci engines are close and fit all Evolution 86 & Up frames (note: TIGHT FIT). New for 2006-- 145, 154, 166, 183 and 200, thats right 200 cubic inch motors! Are you ready for 260 HP rear wheel power? Check it out! Email us at mechwerks@mechwerks.com for details and pricing.