Welcome to MechWerks Fabrication. Big Twin Choppers and Custom Bikes are our passion. This site will be going through some growing pains as Products and information is added.  Come back often, as content will change often.

If you have any questions, parts needs or special projects please send email to mechwerks@mechwerks.com.




Axle Plates …Several styles for frame fabrication

Steering Necks …Straight and Taper necks for custom frames

Motor Mounts …V-twin motor and transmission mounts

Plans and Drawings …Softail Frame…Swingarm Jig…Tubing bender

Softail Frame Parts …Mount parts and Pivot Stanchions

Bender Parts and Accessories …Parts for our hydraulic bender plans and clamps for angle finders ***NEW BENDER ROLLERS!!!

Frame Kits …Full Kits are still in the works…but check out the rigid mount kit

JIG Parts …Parts to build a custom frame jig

Tank Fittings and Bungs …Threaded parts for building custom gas and oil tanks


Ordering and Contact Information


Other Products


Merch Motorworkz … Authorized Dealer. Fatso 100”, 114” and

Big Block 120”, 125”, 131” and 141” Engines.


  Caswell …sells plating kits – electroplating kits – anodizing –powder coating and metal polishing supplies.



 Fournier Enterprises, Inc. …Metal working tools supplies and equipment. One of the more complete sources for high quality metal working tools. Everything from hammers to English wheels to how-to videos for beginner and professional metal workers.


       AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants …Order directly from the corporate website.


Fabrication Articles

Steering Neck Drawings …Steering necks for bearing cups or built in bearings

Building a Frame Jig  …one version of a jig used to build motorcycle frames

Frame Tubing …What tubing and steel to use for frame construction

Coping and Fitting tubes …How to cut and fit frame tubing

Building a Frame …Part 1---basic bends and rear wishbones

Building a Frame …Part 2---building the backbone, seat wishbones and rear top wishbones

Building a Frame …Part 3---Fitting the neck to the down tubes

Capping Tube Ends  … A clean cap for tube ends by the axle plates

Fabricating Hidden Axle Plates…make your own hidden axle plates

Hammer Forming …making simple formed parts from sheet metal

Welding … welding related to frame construction


Bending Tube … how to bend tube

Free Plans and Drawings …already started above




Pictures…various fabricated items