NOTE: Shipping cost for all drawings is $5.00 per shipment. Multiple drawings can be shipped in one envelope saving on shipping costs.



There are a number of Chopper drawings available from different places claiming to include softail info…all they really show is the pivot point for the swingarm.

This is a custom frame that will work for Evo and earlier big twin engines .200” taller using Flatside tanks and most stock Softail parts. These drawings are on 8.5 x 11 paper (except the pivot stanchions which are full size tracings from my cutting pattern). There is a side view, backbone, bottom layout with mount locations, and full scale drawings (no redrawing required, these are FULL SIZE) for steering neck, front engine and peg mounts, rear engine and front transmission mounts, shock mount, rear oil tank mount, transmission side and rear mounts and top engine mount.

No swingarm information is included as you can buy swingarms at low cost.  Buy the dream and modify, as you like. Worth the money just for the full size mount drawings. More details.

Part number STDWG Price is $34.95 plus $5.00 shipping via USPS Priority Mail.

Here are drawings for a rigid frame that uses late model Evo style engines and 5 speed transmissions. All mounts and axle plate drawings are full scale you can trace to metal and start cutting. No top motor mount or neck gussets are included since there are too many ways to make these parts. The seat post is bent to allow good clearance of the transmission and rear cylinder head / exhaust. Nine 8-1/2” x 11” pages provide enough information for a competent fabricator to build and customize a rigid frame for Big Twin engines.  Rear axle plates are spaced 10-1/2” so a stock softail tire and belt drive is centered. More details.


Part number MWRDWG  Price is $24.95 plus $5.00 shipping va USPS Priority Mal.

Swingarm Jig Plans—Want to build swingarms or check the ones you already have? Here is a set of plans to build a jig like the one pictured. This information can even be used to set up a frame jig as it locates the pivot center, shock mount and axle forward and rear locations.

This is a second design with improvements to the rear axle mount. (note: no swingarm dimensions provided in this drawing set only dimensions for the construction of the jig.)


Part number STSAJ Price is $14.99 plus $5.00 shipping via USPS Priority Mail.

All of the dimensions and materials used in the frame jig we use to make custom softail and rigid frames for Big V-Twin engines. With the exception of the neck cones, only one part really needs machine work and it can be carefully worked by hand. Small parts are shown full scale and there is a bills of material for parts.

Part Number MWFJIG Price is $24.99 plus $5.00 via USPS Priority Mail.

To make a tube frame, you need a good tubing bender. Tubing is different than pipe so be sure you are using the correct machine. These drawings show you how to make a hydraulic bender using easily obtained materials and hardware. The drawings include a bill of materials, construction instructions, dimensions and drawing of a 4.5” centerline radius die set for 1-1/4” tubing. (See below for a picture of a completed bender in action)


Part number MWBDWG. Price is $14.99 plus $5.00 shipping via USPS Priority Mail.


NEW***We now have the machined follow bar rollers available for this machine. Click here for more information.


Here is a picture of the MechWerks Hydraulic Tubing bender in action bending a piece of tubing. Please note that MechWerks does not sell complete benders. Only plans are available to fabricate your own bender. The bender requires welding but no welds are critical to strength and this machine can be assembled with a stick or MIG welder.

The tube is 1.25” x .125” wall. An angle finder was attached to the end of the tube to show when a 90 degree angle was achieved. This is the greatest advantage of this design bender since the angle finder is more accurate than degree rings used on horizontal benders. Note how the lower follow die moves with the tube, eliminating the gouging associated with benders that drag the tube through the follow die. This makes nicer bends and saves wear on your tooling.



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