Here are a few pictures of some projects…. Under Construction…more to come.



Softail Rigid Frame …???…A rigid frame designed to use softail parts.  The swingarm, shocks and related hardware on a softail frame makes for a lot of weight. This rigid frame is built from our rigid plans and sheds about 100 pounds of weight off of a classic looking chop.


Wide Tire Rigid … One hard part about building a wide tire frame is getting the lower rail kick-out at the right angles so the rear tire fits. This version uses four 90-degree tube bends spliced in the middle to form the rear section. This frame will be the basis for a frame kit. Each tube has only one bend and the frame can be built to a wide range of stretch, rake and rear tire width.


Another Wide Tire Rigid … Here is another wide tire rigid frame using the single bent techniques. 40 degrees rake, hidden axle plates with wishbones coming to a point. Still a straight back classic chopper frame with a 1.5” backbone.


Drop Seat Softail Frame … A frame with no stretch, 40 degree neck, straightened out backbone and 2.5” of drop cut out of the rear frame stanchions.