Capping Tube Ends


Custom bikes are all about clean lines. Here is a little item that finishes off the tube end at the axle plate.  In this picture, there is one open tube end and one finished end.

There are a number of ways to cap off a tube end. A solid slug can be welded in and ground to shape. This is generally a lot of work and results are only as good as the fabricator’s ability to sculpt metal with a grinder.


The solid slug could be machined to a rounded shape…provided there is access to machinery and some odd tooling or CNC to make this kind of part.


Alternately, a hollow hemisphere can be sectioned and used to cap the area. Suppliers of ornamental iron normally have these tube caps (or click here…we have them).



Start off by marking the cap like the picture to the right.


An area the thickness of the axle plates is marked on the cap basically breaking it into three pieces. The base area is also too long so part of that is marked for cutting also.


After cutting with a hacksaw or abrasive wheel in a die grinder, two pieces are left to do one tube end. The picture on the left shows the two pieces that get used to cap a tube end, the remains of the tube cap and a complete cap.




Finally a section is added to the tube end on the axle plate and welded in place. A little work with a die grinder can carbide bur followed by a sanding cartridge or flap wheel makes a finished project. A little more work and this one will be ready for paint.


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